Tennessee & Kentucky

Matthew Wellman

Founder & President

Matthew is Active Duty Army, stationed in Kentucky. He has been with the military for 16 years. Matt formed RallyPoint Outdoors to provide a means for Veteran's and their families a chance to reconnect with the outdoors and explore new experiences they may not otherwise have access to. He has a passion for teaching new aspects of hunting and fishing to both fellow Veteran's and their family members. Matthew has been an active outdoorsman since early childhood. His favorite personal hunting experience to date has been being with his then 10 year old daughter,  Elaina, when she harvested her first Whitetail Deer.

David Moore

SFC David Moore has spent over 15 years as Active Duty Army. He is Texas born and raised, but currently stationed in Kentucky and helping with our Kentucky and Tennessee Chapters. David specializes in bow hunting and tracking, and has a great depth in all aspects of hunting.


Christopher Hartoon

Chris is a retired Army Veteran currently residing in the Eastern Tennessee area. His areas of  experience include archery and rifle hunting Elk, and Trout fishing.

Orinn Crenshaw

Orinn is  former Active Duty Army, and currently serving in the Kentucky National Guard. Originally hailing from Louisiana, Orinn is an avid Whitetail and Turkey hunter as well as and experienced angler.


Ricky Prasil

Ricky Prasil is Mayor of FOB Bacon, which is our Teague, Texas area of operation. Ricky is also one of our landowners and has been very generous in setting us up with Wild Boar, Predator, Turkey and Dove Hunts.  FOB Bacon also has their own Facebook page!

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Anna Wellman

Anna is an Army Veteran, who has been married to RallyPoint Outdoors founder Matthew for going on 12 years!  She enjoys rifle hunting for Whitetail and Wild Boar, and thanks to RallyPoint Outdoors, has recently got to try new disciplines like archery and bow fishing. She will be publishing our new site recipe section, so check back often.


Bradley Portwood

CPT Bradley Portwood is our RallyPoint Outdoors Vice President. He operates out of Fairbanks, Alaska. He has organized some awesome opportunities for us including: ice fishing, Ptarmigan and Rabbit hunts. His area of expertise is rifle hunting and he is enjoying his time stationed in Alaska pursuing big game such as Black Bear, Moose and Caribou.

Caleb Martin

Caleb is a lifelong Alaskan. He spends most of his year scouting and photographing wildlife in anticipation for what the fall hunting season will bring. When he's not editing photographs or writing outdoor articles, it's not uncommon to find him climbing mountains to keep his body in shape for the back country. Caleb works with multiple organizations as an assistant guide and his ultimate dream is to be a master guide.

CJ Stewart

CJ Stewart, is originally from Canton, Ohio. He  has  served over 22 years in the Army as an Armored Crewman.  He has 35 years experience hunting and fishing and enjoys going after game such as Javelina, Caribou, Moose, Whitetail, Pheasant, Quail, as well as fishing. CJ loves giving back to his fellow Active Duty Soldiers and Veterans by offering opportunities to come out and take in some of the gorgeous Alaskan mountain scenery and possibly event take home an animal or two.

Eli Kelly

SSG Eli Kelly is a medic stationed in Alaska. Eli love's spending time on the river banks or on the water fishing . He is constantly looking for new and better ways to teach his kids to catch fish. Eli is also a avid hunter and if he is not at home you can usually find him outdoors enjoying God's country. Eli is currently deployed